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Salary Information

JobStar's Salary Surveys have been featured in: Fortune Magazine, Wall Street Journal, Glamour, Money, Good Housekeeping, PC World & U.S. News & World Reports

Here's where information pays off in dollars and cents.

Salary Surveys
Connect to over 300 free online salary surveys - General and Profession-Specific on the Web.

JobStar FEATURE from Jack Chapman, author of Negotiating Your Salary: How to Make $1000 a Minute:
Anybody Can Negotiate Their Salary--This Means You!

How's Your Salary I.Q.?

Negotiation Strategies
How can you justify a higher salary than offered by the employer?

JobStar's Salary Surveys provides links and descriptions of 300+ free salary surveys or summaries a mouseclick away.

The surveys come from several kinds of sources. You'll want to evaluate the information in terms of currency, geographic coverage and application to your own situation.

  • Trade and professional journals (National Paralegal Reporter, Network World, Electronic Buyer's News)
  • Trade and professional associations (Health Physics Society, Society for Technical Communications)
  • Recruiters or employment agencies (Source EDP, Franklin Search Group)
  • General periodicals (U. S. News & World Report, Working Woman)
  • Local newspapers (San Jose Mercury News)
If you don't find a survey for your occupation or industry, use the Guides to Printed Surveys to search for a better fit. Once you have identified the title of the survey you need, your library may be able to help you find it! Search the catalog or ask the librarian for help.