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Salary Negotiation Strategies

ArrowWeb Sources on Salary Negotiation

ArrowBooks on Salary Negotiations

Web Sources on Salary Negotiations

Anyone Can Negotiate Their Salary -- This Means YOU!
Jack Chapman, author of Negotiating Your Salary: How to Make $1000 a Minute, offers his best tip on salary negotiation.

Salary Negotiation Guide
An excellent guide from Susan Ireland, covering the process from picking the best time to approach your boss to signing contracts.

Negotiating What You're Worth
Computerworld article on setting the stage for salary negotiation during the recruiting process through research and negotiating performance incentives.

Suggested Salary Negotiation Guidelines for Recent College Graduates
A good introduction to the process and the tactics from

How to Request a Pay Raise
Step-by-step plan covers preparing a strategy, knowing when to ask, reading your boss and avoiding stupid mistakes.

How far will my salary go in another city?'s caluclator compares your current city to a new one in terms of groceries, housing, utilities, transportation & healthcare.

Books on Salary Negotiations

Search Your Library Negotiating Salary: How to Make $1000 a Minute. Jack Chapman.
Excellent guide to all phases of the negotiations: how to prepare, what to do and say and what to watch out for. JobStar features Jack Chapman's "Anyone Can Negotiate Salary--that Means You!"

The Smart Woman's Guide to Interviewing and Salary Negotiations. Julie Adair King.
If you've never done this before (male or female), this is the book for you. Covers: low-impact negotiation-styles, handling nervousness, researching the situation and rehearsing your case.

Perks & Parachutes: Negotiating Your Best Possible Employment Deal, from Salary and Bonus to Benefits and Protection, John Tarrant.
Covers employment contracts, both formal and oral; compensation (salary and bonuses); performance measures and termination arrangements.