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The best jobs are never advertised.

Find out why and what to do about it.
How to network, research employers and create your own Hidden Job Market plan.

Sample 30 Second Speeches

For expert advice on this essential step, JobStar asked Donald Asher, author of many books and articles on Hidden Job Market Techniques, to share his best tips.

Here are three examples of telephone introductions, one for a management-level candidate, one for a candidate in the trades, and one for a recent college graduate.

Notice that these job-search callers are seeking advice, leads, information, referrals, NOT just a job with the person they're calling! This way they'll extend their network, learn about other important people who can help them, and allow those contacts who have no openings to help them in their job searches.

Management-Level Candidate

Hello, my name is Martha Smith, and I got your name from a mutual acquaintance, Jordan Jones at Acme Corp. My background is in corporate communications, most recently as the assistant director of corporate communications for a national commercial real estate brokerage firm. I'm interested in positions in corporate communications that would involve print materials design, sales support, signage, internal training and employee relations communications, and some media relations. Would you have a moment to share ideas with me?

Candidate in the Trades

Hello, my name is Marvin Stewart. I got your name from an ad on the wall at the Chef's Agency. I'm a short order cook, with experience in everything from truck stops to better family restaurants, white tablecloth, steak and seafood, that kind of thing. I'm looking for a short order or line cook position, and I'm available all shifts, all hours, whatever you need. Do you think you might need someone like me, or do you know anyone who does?

Recent College Graduate

Hello, my name is Melinda Stevens. I'm a graduating senior from Old Southton. I got your name from the alumni office, where they said you were an alumna from 1983. I understand you're now a CPA and audit manager in Chicago. My minor was in business, and I'm interested in positions in accounting. I'd like to know how you got where you are today, and what advice you'd have for a college graduate just coming into the job market today. Do you have a moment right now?
For more scripts and tips, see Donald Asher's Overnight Job Change Strategy.