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Dear Electra,

I understand that it is possible to obtain an "emergency" credential to qualify (at least temporarily) for a public school teaching position in California.

I'm an attorney in Washington, DC, but was born, raised and educated in the Bay Area. I want to return, and would much prefer teaching to most legal jobs (I'm not a CA Bar member). So, how can I get data on qualifications, testing, registration, whatever I need to do to obtain such a credential and a teaching job in Northern California?

Can you please help? Thanks!

Coming Back Home

Great question and one that illustrates the rich resources available online! Whether you're in Washington, D.C. or in San Francisco, the inside scoop is just a "click" away.

The California Commission on Teacher Credentialing offers just what you're looking for on their website.

  • Emergency permits
    "Emergency permits are an option available to a district when they find it necessary to employ individuals who do not hold credentials or are not enrolled in internship programs."

  • Credential Information
    Extensive information on tests & qualifications for becoming credentialed.

The California Department of Education provides: statistics, information on special programs, legislation on their very nicely designed website.

Some other online information that might help you:

If you lack anything in the way of training or preparation, there is a great new program called TEACH California, the Interactive Recruitment Network of the State of California, where you can learn about programs, tests and job openings all over the Golden State. Welcome back home!


Page last updated: 6:36 PM on 5/22/09