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SF LA Sac SD--Surveys which specifically report salary data for JobStar's 4 regional areas.
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Biotech & Science Salary Surveys

Salaries and compensation for a wide range of settings for scientists & those working in biotechnology.

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Life Sciences Salary Survey
An examination of compensation for life scientists in the U.S. from The Scientist.

Career & Salary Survey
Medical Marketing & Media's survey covers a wide range of job titles in pharmaceutical & medical product settings (in .pdf format.)

Careers in Biotechnology
Massachusetts Biotechnology Industry Directory. Brief job descriptions in a wide range of biotech departments: includes education/experience and a .pdf format report of approximate salary ranges.


Research & Development
Research & Development Career Satisfaction & Salary Survey
R&D magazine survey of scientists and engineers working in R&D settings.

Life Sciences
AAAS Jobs Survey of Life Scientists
Report of a survey of life scientists in academic & industry settings from the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Salary Survey of Biostatistics
Salary reports of Biostatistics and other Biomedical Statistics Departments of universities (in .pdf format.)

Employment & Salary Survey
Chemical Engineering & News' annual survey of chemist & chemical engineer employment (all educational levels) and salaries(in .pdf format.)

Class of 2009 - Salaries and Jobs
Chemical Engineering & News' annual survey of employment status and salaries of new chemistry graduates.

Pharmaceutical Technology's Annual Employment Survey
Survey of pharmaceutical industry employees covering types of employers, job descriptions as well as salary and benefits.

Contract Pharma Salary Survey
Survey covers R&D, management and purchasing positions in pharmaceutical settings.

Latest Employment Data for Physicists
Reports on employment and salaries for physicists, astronomers and related scientist from the American Institute of Physics.

New Physicists fare well in jobs, dollars
Highlights of the American Institute of Physics survey of new physics Ph.D.s.

Physicist Salary Survey
Report of a biannual survey by the American Institute of Physics (in .pdf format.)

Spectroscopy Survey of Salaries
Spectroscopy magazine annual survey of compensation and job satisfaction for lab managers, spectroscopists, scientists and technicians.