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SF LA Sac SD--Surveys which specifically report salary data for JobStar's 4 regional areas.
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Education Salary Surveys

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University of California Academic Salary Scales SF LA Sac SD
Scroll down to "Salary Scales," you will find salary tables and other data for academic positions at the U.C. system.

California State University Salary Schedule SF LA Sac SD
Salaries for faculty positions and staff positions.


Classifications for the Recognized Employee AssociationsSF
Alameda County Office of Education provides salary ranges for relevant positions by California Schools Employees Association and Alameda County Teachers Association.

AFT Teacher Salary Home Page
American Federation of Teachers offers a site PACKED with salary information: by city, by state as well as benefits & sample teaching contracts (in .pdf format.)

Los Angeles Unified School District Current Salary Tables LA
Teachers with regular credentials, alternative certification, administrators, substitutes and more are listed.

Lay Teacher Salary Survey SF LA Sac SD
Survey of compensation for teachers at Catholic private schools from the National Association of Catholic School Teachers (in .pdf format.)

Department of Defense Salary Schedules
GS grades and rates for educators, specialists, guidance counselors, social workers and school psychologists in schools operated by the Department of Defense.


CSEA Salary Survey
California School Employees Association offers salaries for community college districts in California (in .pdf format.)

Faculty Salary Averages at 4 year Title IV Institutions
National Center for Education Statistics: average salaries of full-time instructional faculty on 9- and 10-month contracts in 4-year Title IV degree-granting institutions, by academic rank.

Almanac of Higher Education
Faculty salary reports from the National Education Association (in .pdf format.)

Faculty salaries
Average faculty salaries from the American Association of University Professors.

AAUP - The Annual Report on the Economic Status of the Profession
American Association of University Professor's report covers trends in faculty compensation, types of institutions and gender differences.

CRA Taulbee Survey of Ph.D. Granting Institutions
Each report includes salaries reported by Computer Science Departments.

Graduate Departments of Psychology: Faculty Start-Up Packages
From the American Psychological Association (in .pdf format.)

Business School Salary Survey Results
American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business reports a study of salaries for faculty and business school administrators (in .pdf format.)