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What Is the Right Resume for Me?


Template for a Functional resume
Sample Functional resumes


The functional resume rearranges employment history into sections that highlight areas of skill and accomplishment.

Employer Rating:

Some employers dislike functional resumes IF they find it difficult to match up skills with actual job titles, level of responsibility and dates of experience.You can, and SHOULD, avoid or minimize this objection by including the company name in the "bullet" describing each accomplishment.

For example:

Program Coordination

  • Coordinated the logistics of opening two HILLCREST Residential Treatment Centers, which included the hiring and training of staff, supervising the set-up of the physical plant, and developing programs.
  • Oversaw the computerization of the BEHRING CLINIC accounting unit from initial planning through successful implementation, with no disruption in service.
If you want to take advantage of the benefits of a functional resume, you MUST make it EASY for employers to visualize your overall chronological work history and link your accomplishment statements to it. NEVER omit at least a bare-bones chronological listing of your work experience, in your functional resume.

Works Best For:

The functional resume might be thought of as a "problem solving" format. The functional resume gives you latitude to "make sense" of your work history and match up skills and accomplishments that might not be obvious to the employer in a traditional chronological format. If any of the descriptions below apply to you, you may want to investigate the functional format:
  • You have a "mixed bag" work history: no clear thread uniting positions held.
  • You are a new graduate or entering the workforce. You must show how the skills you have used in the past (in volunteer or coursework) apply to the job you are seeking.
  • Your job titles, such as such as "Administrative Assistant" or "Marketing Coordinator," do not clearly reflect the level of skills you used.
  • You are making a career change--either changing industry (from Hospitals to Pharmaceuticals) or changing occupation (from Manufacturing Technician to Sales Representative.)


Template for a Functional resume

Functional resumes.

Recommended Books on Functional Resumes:

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The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Perfect Resume. Susan Ireland.

Resume Catalog: 200 Damn Good Examples. Yana Parker.

The Overnight Resume. Donald Asher.

Best Resumes for Scientists and Engineers. Adele Lewis.

Blue Collar & Beyond: Resumes for Skilled Trades & Services. Yana Parker.

Does Your Resume Wear Combat Boots? William Fitzpatrick.
Addresses the needs of military personnel entering the civilian workforce.