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What Is the Right Resume for Me?


File formats, formatting, keywords - make sure your resume looks as good on the screen as on paper.


A resume (chronological or functional) formatted to read well when submitted as a data file or scanned and searched by optical scanning systems.

Employer Rating:

Many large employers use electronic resume processing systems (or "automated applicant tracking systems") to handle large volumes of resumes. Job ads may direct applicants to email a resume to their company or visit their website and submit a resume in electronic format.

Electronic resumes are used by Resume Banks to match applicant qualifications with employer needs.

The resume now resides in a database that the personnel department or the hiring manager can search by keyword.

For example, a department manager may search the database for a candidate with
4 years of Teleconference Training or 8 years of JIT (Just-In-Time) Inventory Control.
Not only must your resume include any relevant keywords, you must avoid fonts and formatting that will not scan properly into the system such as italics, bold and fancy typefaces.

Works Best For:

It is certainly quick and convenient for both applicant and employer to work with resumes in electronic formats. The problem for the employer is sorting through hundreds or thousands of resumes to find a few good candidates for the job at hand. The problem for the candidate is to stand out as one of the few good candidates. Writing a good electronic resume is often as much about strategy (keywords) as content.


Electronic Resume Guide
Step-by-step guide from covers creating an electronic resume, posting it online, e-mailing, scanning and web-resumes.

The Riley Guide: Online Job Application: Preparing Your Resume for the Internet
A good outline of types of electronic resumes (as well as some myths about them.) Includes step-by-step instructions for preparing a mail version, a scannable version and an Internet version.

Electronic Resumes: Prepare your resume for e-mail, web-forms & scanning
Excellent guide from Santa Clara University includes a sample text-version cover letter and resume.

Yahoo - Business and Economy:Companies:Employment Services:Resume Services
A general listing of commercial (meaning for a fee) resume writers and resume databanks. You can't be sure, of course, how effective many of these resumes are--but you can see samples from other job seekers in your field. You may get some ideas!

A Word of Caution:

Job Seeker's Guide to Resume Databases
Tips for protecting your privacy and pocketbook when answering online ads or signing up for resume databases from Pam Dixon, job search author and executive director of the World Privacy Forum.

Recommended Books on Electronic Resumes:

Search Your Library

Electronic Resumes & Online Networking. Rebecca Smith.
Excellent, step-by-step guidance.

Job Searching Online for Dummies. Pam Dixon.
A selective list of employment and career-related Web sites.

Resumes for Dummies. Joyce Lain Kennedy.
[ Joyce Lain Kennedy is a syndicated columnist writing for the Los Angeles Times, among other newspapers.]