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Curriculum Vitae

[NOTE: Be careful if you search the Web for information or sample C.V.s. Outside the United States the terms "curriculum vitae" or "C.V." designate something more like a "resume" rather than the American use of the term which is specifically a special format of the resume for teaching or scientific candidates.]


A detailed, lengthy and structured listing of education, publications, projects, awards and work history. A curriculum vitae for a mid-career candidate may be as long as twenty pages.

Employer Rating:

Rather than a resume, a curriculum vitae (often called a "C.V." or "Vita") is required for certain positions: educators and scientists most commonly.

Works Best For:

Job seekers with extensive academic and professional credentials applying for positions in education or research. Check with an advisor or others in your field if you are unsure whether a C.V. or a resume is expected.

Samples: How to Craft a Winning Resume (and CV)
Excellent guidance on crafting CVs for academia or industry - as well as the accompanying cover letter.

Creating a Professional Vita
Division of Educational Studies, Emory University: extensive guidance for new graduates; includes sample templates and CVs from real live academics.

Writing Your Vita
Hanover College's guide to format also includes tips on avoiding common problems.

Curriculum Vitae for Art Historians
An excellent outline & guide to the "long" cv - especially for academic positions from the College Art Association.

Resume Guide for Students
Excellent guide from Career Services, University of Pennsylvania, geared to new graduates.

Life Sciences CVs
Sample CVs for academic and industry positions from UCSF.

Recommended Books on Curriculum Vitae:

Search Your Library Developing a Professional Vita or Resume. Carl McDaniels.

Curriculum Vitae Handbook: Using a CV to Present and Promote Your Academic Career. Rebecca Anthony and Gerald Roe.

The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Perfect Resume. Susan Ireland. The chapter, "When you really are a brain surgeon: Curriculum vitae," is excellent!