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Planning a career or a career change?

Whether you're starting or need information to plan your next move. Learn more about requirements, training, outlook and settings.

Guides for Specific Careers

These sites are packed with information about planning your career. What kind of training or education is required? What can you earn? What kind of environment will you work in? What's hot? What's not?

Some sites include personal stories from folks working in the field: how did they move (or stumble) into their current work situation? What advice would they give newcomers?

Is your target career not listed here? Explore these sites:


A Guide to Becoming a C.P.A.
Excellent guide from the California Society of certified Public Accountants addresses high school students, college students and new graduates.

Start Here, Go Places in Business and Accounting
A guide for high school and college students to careers in business and accounting from the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.


Careers in Anthroplogy
American Anthropological Association guide to beginning a career in this field.


Careers in Archeology
Answers to frequently asked questions about careers, education, resources from David L. Carlson, Associate Professor of Anthropology, Texas A & M University.


Do You Want to Be an Architect?
The American Institute of Architects &American Institute of Architecture Students guide to education, insternship, licensing & more.

Job Hunting for Planners
From the Environmental Design Library at UC Berkeley, a "selectively annotated guide to help job seekers in the professions of city & regional planning, architecture, and landscape architecture."


Business Career Fields
Excellent outline of topics and resources from UC Berkeley Career Center.

Careers in Marketing
Guide to settings and job functions in marketing from University of Southern California School of Business Administration.


IT contractors hit hard by the economy
Computerworld: Salaries across the IT profession are flat, but contractor pay is falling fast.

Sloan Career Cornerstone Center
Partnered with the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, this site provides information on a wide range of career paths for electrical engineers & computer scientists.

Computerworld IT Careers
Articles and features from Computerworld's Career pages (including skills and salary surveys.)

So You Want to be a Computer Game Developer
Diana Gruber's excellent guide to the computer game field.


Culinary and Hospitality Career Outlook
Covers job titles, training & outlook for cooking, hotel, motel & resort management, restaurant and food service management.


Decide if Teaching is for You
California Center for Teaching Careers guide to educational settings, salaries and requirements,


Discover Engineering Online
A fun and informative guide to engineering careers of all types for high school and college students from National Engineers Week.

Aviation & Space Careers
Links to resources from the Federal Aviaition Administration.

Thinking of a Career in Civil Engineering?
Past, present and future of civil engineering from the American Society of Civil Engineers.

Your Career in the Electrical, Electronics, and Computer Engineering Fields
Basic information and resources from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

Geology & Mining Jobs
Michigan Tech guide to career information, government agencies, societies and more.


Arts & Entertainment Careers
Excellent outline of topics and resources from UC Berkeley Career Center.


Association of Academic Health Centers provides an excellent site covering a wide range of careers from allied health fields, dentistry, adminstration, medicine, veterinary and much more. Includes selecting a career, schools & scholarships and insight from students and practitioners.

Occupational Outlook Handbook
Select Professional and Related and scroll down for Health diagnosing and treating occupations and Health technologists and technicians. Also, select Service Occupations and scroll down for Healthcare support occupations.

Allied Health
Allied Health Descriptions & Certification Information
Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Programs guide to an extensive range of job titles in 21 health science occupations such as athletic trainer, cytologist, medical assistant, perfusionist, respiratory therapist and more.

Chiropractic as a Career
An outline of education, future and opportunities from the American Chiropractic Association.

Become a Dental Professional
An outline of careers in dentistry from the California Dental Association.

Career in Dentistry
Information on training, careers, job outlook for dentists, dental hygienists, dental assistants and dental laboratory technicians from the American Dental Association.

Careers in Aging Project
"People who are interested in this diverse field can enter at any educational level and in many disciplines, professions, and clinical areas, such as social work, nursing, counseling, recreation, public policy, long-term care administration, medicine, architecture, psychology, adult education, and rehabilitation therapy."

Health Administration
What do Health Administrators Do?
Career information for hospital and non-hospital administration settings from Auburn University.

Medical Lab Careers
American Society of Clinical Pathologist's guide to laboratory careers: histologic technician, laboratory technician, cytotechnologist.

Becoming a Massage Therapist
American Massage Therapy Association guide to careers, training, certification.

Medical Transcription
Becoming a Medical Transcirptionist
Guidance from The Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI) - formerly American Association of Medical Transcription.

Music Therapy
About the Music Therapy Profession
Practice, training, and outlook from the American Music Therapy Association.

Planning Your Nursing Career
Many resources on training, work, job titles and job hunting for nurses from the National Student Nurses' Association.

Nursing Organications
Extensive list of specialty associations for nurses from Explore the links for more in-depth career information.

Physical Therapy
Interested in becoming a PT or PTA?
Career information, links to programs and more for physical therapists and physical therapy assistants from the American Physical Therapy Association.

Physician Assistant
Becoming a Physician Assistant
Career basics from American Academy of Physician Assistants.

Careers in Veterinary Medicine
Training, employment outlook, settings for veterinarians and veterinary technicians from the American Association of Veterinary Medicine.


Art History Majors
Careers for Art History Majors
From Rutgers University: types of employers, related occupations, career resources.

English Majors
English: What Can I Do with this Degree?
Job titles and career paths from Oregon State University.


International Opportunities Program
Short-term work exchange prorgams identified by the Center for International Education at University of California, Irvine.

International Jobs
Extensive web guide from U.Texas at Austin covers background information, short and long term international opportunities, and resources by location.


Career Profile - Law's guide to legal careers includes requirements, job outlook, career tracks and compensation as well as reports from those in the field.

What is a Paralegal?
National Federation of Paralegal Associations outlines career paths and training for paralegals and legal assistants.

Court Interpreting
California Courts - Court Interpreters: FAQ
Judicial Council of California offers a guide to training, examinations, job outlook for translators working in the court system.


Police & Firefighter Positions
From the City of Los Angeles Police Department: Extensive guide to selection, testing, employment.


Careers in Libraries
American Library Association's guide to professional and para-professional positions in a wide range of library types.

American Society of Indexers FAQ
Frequently asked questions about indexing as an occupation or a business.


Broadcast Employment Services
Job listings, resume bank, salary information, training and career advice for those in television and related broadcasting.

Careers in Journalism
Boston College links to career information, fellowships and industry guides.


Military Career Guide Online
Excellent guide to military careers (enlisted and officer) in all branches of the services from DoD Center, Monterey Bay.


WetFeet - Career Profiles - Performing Arts
General guide to performing arts with links to associations, requirements, job outlook and compensation.


Careers in Psychology
Careers for psych majors as well as graduate level careers from Dr. Margaret Lloyd at Georgia Southern University.

Pursuing Psychology Career Page
Collection of links on psychology careers from the University of Northern Iowa.


Retail Career Profiles
National Retail Federation guide to a wide range of careers in retailing - includes profiles of persons working in the field.

Industry Report: Retailing
Settings, training, opportunities and resources for retail careers from the Black Collegian Magazine.


Science Careers
Information about science careers (traditional and alternative) from the American Academy for the Advancement of Science.

Careers for Biology Majors
From Furman University, Greenville, SC: extensive list of links to career information in many related fields: "Agriculture" to "Zoology."

Careers in Science & Engineering
National Academy of Sciences guide: determining career goals, planning education, job hunting and profiles of scientists and engineers with unusual career paths.

Biotech Career Center
Industry information and position descriptions for a variety of functions in biotech.

Careers in Genetics and Biotechnology
An outline of current and future careers in biotech from the Human Genome Project.

Chemistry as a Career
Career guide for entry level chemists from University of Illinois, School of Chemical Sciences.

Careers in Chemistry
Career descriptions for specialties & settings for chemists from the American Chemical Society.

Earth Sciences
Careers in the Geoscineces
Articles, profiles and career information from the American Geological institute.

How to become a Volcanologist?
Electra promises you there is a bit of everything here on the web. If you were considering a career involving eruptions, you couldn't go wrong by starting here.

Ecology & Environment
Ecology as a Career
Career information, pathways, education and job listings from the Ecological Society of America.

Environmental Career Guide
Career descriptions and links from the Vocational Information Center.

Outdoor Environmental Careers Guide
From Princeton University: settings, organizations, associations.

Urban Forestry: 50 Careers in Trees
Great site for anything connected with trees! (The information is also offered in Spanish.)

Careers in the Genetics Field
Training and outlook for career growth from Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology. Includes interviews with working geneticists.

Marine Science & Oceanography
SeaGrant Marine Careers
Profiles, salaries, resources & more for Marine Biology, Oceanography and Ocean Engineering from

Careers in Oceanography, Marine Science and Marine Biology
Listing of career guides from Scripps Institution of Oceanography Library.

Mathematics Careers Bulletin Board
American Mathematical Society. Profiles on mathematicians working in industry or government. Includes career information and tips on what employers look for. An added bonus: you can ask questions of the persons currently profiled.

Careers in the Microbiological Sciences
Career outlook, training, salaries for a wide range of positions from the American Society for Microbiology.

Careers for Physicists
American Institute of Physics site covers education, career profiles of working physicists and more.

Careers in Statistics
From the American Statistical Association.

Zoological Parks
Guide to Zoological Park Careers
Career information from SeaWorld for positions in Animal Services, Aquarium, Aviculture, Mammals, Animal Training, Education, Research, Veterinary Care, and Animal Support.


Careers in Sociology
Excerpts from Careers in Sociology by W. Richard Stephens, Jr.


Construction Trades Occupations
Mechanics, Installers, and Repairers
Outlines of occupations, training, earnings and outlook from The Occupational Outlook Handbook.


Careers in Trucking
An outline of qualifications, training and career tips from the American Trucking Association.


Becoming a Travel Agent
Career guide from American Society of Travel Agents includes job descriptions, the benefits, sources for training or starting your own agency.