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Planning a career or a career change?

Whether you're starting or need information to plan your next move. Learn more about requirements, training, outlook and settings.

Career Guides for Everyone

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What's Happening?

The Wall Street Journal - Career & Job News, Work, Employment & Salary Trends
A free service of the Wall St. Journal--daily news on jobs, hiring trends, career advice, salary profiles. An excellent source for career and job information.

Economy at a Glance
U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics provides recent & current unemployment rates at state and regional levels.

California Employment Projections by Occupation
From California Labor Market Information Division: occupations with greatest growth & outlook--state or county level data.

Occupational Outlook for Specific Occupations
Department of Labor guide outlining career outlooks, preparation, employment and earnings for 250 occupations employing 85% of the US population. Browse by general category or search by keyword.

What's HOT?

Hot Jobs for the 21st Century, 2006-2016
Report from the Women's Bureau, US Dept. of Labor, selects high-paying, fast-growing occupations with coverage of nontraditional occupations for women.

California Occupations with the Highest Growth
Two reports from the Employment Development Dept.: Occupations with the Largest Growth and Occupations with the Fastest Growth,both 2004 - 2014.

Economic and Employment Projections
From the US Dept. of Labor: top 10 industries and top 10 occupations in terms of growth, 2006-2016.

Overview of the 2008-18 Projections
Factors affecting the workplace from the Occupational Outlook Handbook.

Fastest Growing Occupations, USA
Table based on Bureau of Labor Statistics national data.

Career Guide to Industries
Department of Labor Guide discusses the fastest growing sectors in the economy and might help you make up your mind in targeting an industry.

What Else Can I Do?

Wetfeet Career Resource Site
Background information on industries and career outlooks.

Peterson's Education Center
Brief information about colleges and other training programs. Lists of Peterson's Guides & other publications on education and job search.

What Can I Do with a Major in...?
University of Wisconsin site provides labor market information, job titles and employment sites for various undergrad and professional majors.

What Do I Want? --Online Career Tests Career Quiz
Richard Bolles, author of What Color is Your Parachute?, recommends this highly! And so does Electra. A 24 item quiz, based on the Birkman Method, will lead you to a list of possible careers & information about them. While you must register with name & email, the test is free. Try it!

The Keirsey Temperament Sorter
Introvert? Extrovert? The Keirsey Inventory is often used by career counselors to find out how your job might be pinching your personality and to suggest new avenues. Check out the list of books to learn more about how this test can help select a career or help you work with others. [This site also provides the test in Spanish, Portuguese, German & Norwegian.]

The Career Interests Game
Based on John Holland's work: select from 6 types and get a list of potential careers.