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The best jobs are never advertised.

Find out why and what to do about it.
How to network, research employers and create your own Hidden Job Market plan.

Stuck at Step 3?

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3. Develop a Custom List of Targeted Employers

Most job seekers can use all the help they can get on this step!

Looking for employers in a target industry (say, insurance agencies) in your community (say, San Leandro)?

Try the Yellow Pages OR an online source like the Yellow Pages.

Using these electronic resources, or even your low-tech paper Yellow Pages, you can compile a list of potential employers in your target industry.

You then have names to investigate in-depth, using JobStar's Researching Companies and/or traditional business research tools at your public library.

The Best Source for Help with this Step?


Every public library has basic business tools, directories, periodicals, newspapers that can help you create a list of target employers. The BEST business collections are found at the central library, often in a special Business Section. [If your local library doesn't have a large enough collection, ask the librarian to refer you to the best library for your needs.]

You'll find CD ROMs for business and market information, government documents, directories and rankings of local business, guides to associations in your field and MORE.

In addition to business tools, the librarians can provide you with skilled assistance in creating your target employer list.

Is this A LOT of work?

You bet it is. But keep the pay-off in mind: you'll spot employers who need you and who are ready to talk about how you might help solve their problems. Because you've done all this detective work, you'll be ready to show HOW hiring YOU is the smart move. It's also the EASY move for the employer because you've done all the work tracking them down.