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What's an Electra?

Electra is the nom de plume, alias, persona, pseudonym (old words for "screen name") for a Bay Area librarian, teacher, Internet trainer and writer: Mary-Ellen Mort.

Now that I've told you my name, why bother with Electra? Why not just use my name? Well, it's fun to HAVE (or is it "to be"?) a persona. Electra has long admired other persona owners such as Miss Manners, Dame Edna, and Father Guido Sarducci. All of whom she finds endlessly amusing!

Since Electra spends most of her time at the keyboard anymore, a bit of fun is welcome. Plus, this electronic world can be rather impersonal. It's good to keep in mind that there are (almost) real people behind every word.

But you have a perfect right to know Electra's credentials and experience, if not raison d'etre.

So, with your indulgence here's the scoop on Electra.

[Or maybe you'd rather just skip to the Ask Electra section?]

A graduate of the University of Washington School of Librarianship, Electra worked for years as a business librarian: first at Oakland Public Library and then at Alameda County Business Library.

For the last fifteen years, Electra has been working with job seekers--in the public library, in community support agencies such as Forty Plus of Northern California--and with those who provide services to job seekers--like librarians and career counselors.

She is Adjunct Faculty at John F. Kennedy University's School of Management, Career Development Program, and has taught quite a few classes in business research and job search information at the University of California Extension programs around the Bay.

Her 1993 book (now out of print), Reaching the Hidden Job Market: Research Strategies & Resources, has been used as a text for many Bay Area job search workshops and is in the collection of most of the public libraries in the Bay Area.

In 1994 she got the chance to test out how job search information can be delivered electronically, as part of a federal grant to a great Bay Area library, Alameda County Library.

Job Search @ AC Library is the current incarnation of that project which uses the library's online catalog to deliver job search information in the library and in the community.

Does Electra know everything?

Not by a long shot. But she does know how to look it up! AND she has a fantastic network of colleagues: librarians, career counselors, job search writers and experts. She won't be shy about asking for help....

Page last updated: 2:57 PM on 5/27/09