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Dear Electra,

I am a California lifetime certified English teacher (secondary level) with 18 years experience teaching in California and abroad (Brazil,Mexico,Yemen Arab Republic and Greece.) Where are good sites to find employment?


It looks like the world is your oyster. (Can't you just hear your new students in Ghana asking : "Why an oyster? Why not a mango?" Start preparing your answer now!)

Let's assume you are looking for a job teaching English overseas...though you didn't really say that. But let's assume. Since JobStar's focus is California jobs, Electra will force herself to be brief. Just enough to get you started!

  • Linguistic Funland TESL Page
    University of Nevada, Reno: "This site is intended to be a stepping off point for TESL/TEFL people into the wonderful chaos available on the Internet." Includes job opportunities, e-mail discussion groups, articles, organizations, programs & training. Excellent first (and quite possibly last) stop for Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language.

  • Best Bets for Teaching Abroad
    A goldmine of links and information from University of California Irvine's Center for International Education.

  • Employment Resources for Language Teachers
    From Ohio University Computer Assisted Language Learning Center. This site includes some pre-structured searches so you can find the most current information.

  • International Job Opportunties: The Riley Guide
    Excellent collection of links to information on working overseas, organized by country.

  • International Careers Resources
    Escape Artist offers links to job banks with international postings as well as work-travel programs.

  • CIEE: Council on International Educational Exchange
    Study abroad, teaching in summer English language programs, work exchanges and more worldwide from this nonprofit organization.

  • Roger's TESOL Page
    Guide to TESOL--Teaching English as a Second Language.

You'll also want to connect with Listservs of teachers or persons working abroad for tips and recommendations. Interested employers may be posting their job openings to these groups.

Search here for lists on a variety of topics. I found quite a few lists searching the phrase, "teaching English," including a list for teachers of English in Swedish schools (you didn't mention Sweden) and other general lists for Teachers of English as a Second Language.


Page last updated: 9:19 AM on 5/22/09