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You ASKED Electra

Dear Electra,

I would love to learn more about becoming a make-up artist. I am especially interested in what I would have to do (or learn) to work in film or television.

Can you recommend some places where I can find out how to get started?

Looking Good

There is--believe it or not--a magazine called "Make-Up Artist" on the Web! They offer a list of links for make-up artists, tables of contents from past issues, reviews of books & videos.

Some make-up artists begin as licensed cosmetologists. You can find information on cosmetology as a career at:

If you're interested in a career in film and television, the Makeup Artists and Hair Stylists Local 760 has prepared a guide outlining the steps you'd need to take to be eligible for membership.

If you're interested in the make-up special effects area, check out the delightfully cranky advice at The Character Shop FAQ. The Character Shop did work with "Operation Dumbo Drop," "Ghostbusters II," and "Casper." Their first film was "Slumber Party Massacre." I think this speaks volumes about how you get started in the business...


Page last updated: 9:00 AM on 5/22/09