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How Does "Ask Electra" Work?

As a librarian, Electra's specialty is tracking down the information you need to find a job or plan your career. Since this is a lot of work (!) questions that can benefit other job seekers will be chosen.

Electra will help you find the information you need to get a job or plan your career. Are you having trouble finding what you need (on the Internet or on the ground)? Are you stuck? Describe what you need and how you would like Electra to help.

Once again, Electra can't respond to individual questions beyond her JobStar column. (Though she regrets it deeply.)

Your local library has Electras of their own! Call or visit and ask for person-to-person help.


If you do write to Electra , and we hope you will, you are assured that your name and e-mail address will remain private. Please indicate if there is any confidential or sensitive information in your e-mail (like "I'm a systems analyst for the only elevator manufacturer in the Bay Area... so someone could figure out who I am.") We'll take out or disguise identifying features.

Why so finicky? Well, all librarians protect the confidentiality of their patrons. It's a vow we take in library school. You're here to get information, not to make an announcement. Electra is the only person who reads her mail!

You can send a message to Electra by clicking on the E-mail Electra on any of the JobStar pages.

Page last updated: 2:56 PM on 5/26/09