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Since this site first launched, as JobSmart: California Job Search Guide, in April, 1996, several hundred web or print articles have recommended us to their readers. Here is a selection of reviews or recommendations of this site.

While it is very encouraging for a library-sponsored website to get such great feedback from media and experts in the job search and career field, YOURS is the opinion that matters most. Please fill out our questionnaire and let us know what you think.

Parachute Pick "Developed by job expert Mary-Ellen Mort, this is a great career counseling site  to my mind, one of the top three job-related sites on the Web. While the focus of this site is California, it has many articles that apply to all job hunters: a list of (and links to) online career guides, a truly great section on resumes, descriptions of the hidden job market, a place to write with your career counseling questions ("Ask Electra"), news of California job fairs and job hotlines, not to mention the best collection of salary surveys that exists on the Internet. "
---Richard Bolles, author of What Color is Your Parachute?

Bullet"The best site for finding a job in California. JobSmart is an extremely well-organized, well-designed site. Open the main page and you'll wish that everyone took employment Web site lessons from the folks who manage this site...This great site is well worth visiting."
Pam Dixon, Job Searching Online for Dummies, IDG Books, 1998.

Bullet"The Web is packed with need-to-know data. Where can you find it? JobSmart is a terrific starting point."
"On the Job," Entrepreneur, Jan. 1999.

Bullet"Now covering Northern California, Los Angeles, and Sacramento. The number 1 place for the California job search. Salary guides, career info, lists of libraries, lists of employers, it has everything you need. "
---Margaret Riley, The Riley Guide to Employment Resources on the Web

Bullet"JobSmart has many outstanding articles on job hunting including a great resume section and a forum to ask questions. It also has a huge list of links to career guides."
"Get Hired the Wired Way," WebGuide Monthly, Nov. 1998.

Bullet"JobSmart is a career database for California job seekers, but its information on salaries will be useful to anyone researching earnings by field. With links to more than 200 surveys, as well as magazines, newspapers, trade journals, recruiters and employment agencies, the site provides easy access to precise salary information for 40 different industries."
"For the Bookmark," American Demographics, Nov. 1998.

Bullet"Learning your way around the net can be a forbidding task. Among other things, JobSmart, a guide to Northern California Jobs, offers some of the clearest instructions for using the net we've come across. Understanding Internet Job Ads is a simple, easy to understand introduction that takes the edge off the Internet Job Hunt by carefully explaining the ins and outs. The section also includes one of the the best Resume Tutorials on the web. Finally the guide provides gentle but authoritative assistance for using the Web to research a company.
If you have the slightest bit of technophobia, try JobSmart. It'll take some of the edge off."
---John Sumser, 1st Steps in the Job Hunt, 5-18-96.

Bullet"I think JobStar is terrific. Many of our customers want to use the Internet for job searching information: the word has definitely gotten out that the Internet can be useful for that. It is both a comfort and a joy to direct them to JobStar. I can do so with the confidence that almost all their job searching in the Bay Area can be met with one website. I really don't think I have that confidence about any other Internet subject or website."
---Ned Himmel, Information Services, Redwood City Public Library

Bullet"I use the JobStar address on the Internet to teach visitors to the Jobs & Career Center how to search for jobs. Once we get to the JobStar site, we find that it is so comprehensive, there is little need to search further. I am sure many of the visitors to the Jobs & Career Center would join me in saying 'Job well done!'"
---Edgar McCray, Jobs & Careers Librarian, San Francisco Public Library

Winner of the Gale Award for Excellence in Reference and Adult Services, American Library Association.

EERI Award for the Best Job Hunting Tool on the Net.
Electronic Recruiting Index.

Electra's alter-ego selected as MCI Cybrarian of the Year for California

MediaMetrix ranks JobSmart #7 of "Top Ten Internet Career Sites with Most Visitors" with an estimated 383,000 unique vistors a month. [Reported in National Business Employment Weekly, Dec. 6-10, 1998.]

What gets the most attention from national media is our unique and extensive collection of over 300 online salary survey links! Here's a small selection:

Bullet"Gimme a Job: Employment Information on the Web." Searcher, March 1, 2002.
Bullet"Raising the Boss' Interest in How Much You Get Paid." San Francisco Chronicle, April 1, 2001.
Bullet"Are Your Getting Paid What You're Worth?" Redbook, October 1, 2001.
Bullet"Profits are Down. So, Boss, Can I Have that Raise?" New York Times, April 1, 2001.
Bullet"Online Recruting: Notable Websites." Fortune, Winter, 2001.
Bullet"Get Paid More!" Money, Sept., 2000.
Bullet"Get Your Career In Site." Fast Company, March 1, 2000.
Bullet"What's It Worth? Reliable Sources for Salaries." Entrepreneur, March, 2000.
Bullet"Are You Paid What You're Worth?" Redbook, March, 2000.
Bullet"Benchmark Your Salary." Harvard Management Update, Nov. 1999.
BulletYahoo Internet Life - Useful Site of the Day, Aug. 18, 1998.
Bullet"Web Transforms Art of Negotiating Raises," Wall Street Journal, Sept. 22, 1998.
Bullet"Changing Jobs? Try the Net," Fortune , March 2, 1998.
Bullet"Let's Make a Deal," Ladies Home Journal, Oct. 1998.
Bullet"Invest in Yourself: What Are You Really Worth?" Money, Sept. 1998.
Bullet"How Do You Know What You're Worth in a Job Marketplace?" Wall Street Journal, Sept. 30, 1997.